Lisbon and Porto City Break

As our family grows up, holidaying has taken a new turn. Not only is it super expensive to travel as a family of 5 but co-ordinating everyone's different commitments is tricky. So last week my 16 yr old son Billy and I took off for a spontaneous week to Porto ( flew in) and Lisbon (flew out),three nights in each to be precise, and I can happily say it was a huge success.

Thankfully Billy had done some reading up and mapped out what he wanted to see  ( I had googled flea markets and meant to buy a guide book), so for the majority of the trip our days were taken up with Billy's tour of galleries, unusual buildings ( Wes Anderson fan) and custard tart cafes.. He on the other hand put up with my lust for tiles,1950's doors and quest to find authentic cuisine in family run cafes ( game shows always blaring! ) and we found some sensational ones. 

Accommodation was simple and on a budget. I decided to book into hostels in small shared dorms! After all, this is how he will be travelling some day soon & personally I enjoyed a sense of backpacking nostalgia. Both hostels were central, clean and run by very friendly staff with great local knowledge and had a youthful buzz.

The great thing with city holidays and limited time is that you are non stop busy, every moment you are seeing, smelling and tasting something new, so theres always lots to chat about especially when your mother is funding the Porto wine bill!

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ps  I have popped lots more tile inspo over on Pinterest.

Casa da India Lisbon
avida a portugesa

Just a a few of the hundreds of photographs of tiles I took. So much pattern inspo on every street corner.

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