Festive Christmas Shortbread Biscuits - DIY Gifts

Edible gifts are the best, especially this time of year. I love giving them, but even better receiving them! My go to biscuit is the humble shortbread which I have spiced up this year with some warm festive ingredients and created my go to stripes and a diamond pattern. I used this shortbread recipe (click on the Biscuits below) and adapted it by adding the food colouring gel to half of the dough (you don’t need much!) 

 The Steps:

1. For each style of biscuit you will need an equal part of colour and plain dough - NB you don’t need to use much food colouring gel.

2. Roll out both balls of dough separately to about 5mm thick. For the stripes, cut 5mm wide strips in each colour. Join the strips together (you can brush on milk in between each strip).
3. Gently roll over with a rolling pin to fix the strips and cut out the shapes with your biscuit cutter.
4. For the diamond pattern cut out the diamonds in the plain dough and pop in cut out diamonds from the coloured dough, gently roll over the dough to secure.
5. Place the biscuits on a parchment covered baking tray and chill in the fridge for 40 minutes before baking, this will help keep the shapes. Once baked and cooled serve  up on a plate and enjoy or wrap them up in our luxury tissue paper ribbons and tags to give as a tasty gift!

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