How To Make Relaxing Eye Pillows - DIY Guide

I love a good pattern clash, and the iron on alphabet patches add an extra bit of maximalism to these simple to make eye pillows. I have used up pieces of vintage fabric and some charity shop silk scarves. If you don’t have any fabric to hand, now is the time to dive into your wardrobe and drawers and chop up that redundant dress or shirt!

What You'll Need:

To make your own fabric eye pillow, you will firstly need to download the cutting template, which you can download here.

  • Calico or any light fabric 30 x 40cm
  • Cover fabric 37 x 37cm
  • Rive of linseed (or mix) 190g
  • Sewing machine

Step By Step Guide:

Follow these easy steps to get started...





  1. Draw around template A on the calico twice and cut out two pieces
  2. Pin the two pieces of calico together and machine stitch around the edge leaving a 4cm gap to pour the rice in later. Cut out small notches this will reduce bulky seams. Turn the bag right side out
  3. Measure 190g of rice or linseed (or combined) in a jug and then pour into the bag
  4. Pin and machine stitch the opening to secure the rice in the bag
  5. Now for the outer bag - Draw around templates A, B,and C on your fabric and cut out. Fold over the raw straight edges on piece B and C and machine stitch in place
  6. With right sides of fabric facing in, place piece B on piece A and then piece C. Pin in place and machine stitch around the whole edge. Remove pins and turn right side out and iron
  7. If you are using our patches, position in place and cover with thin cloth and iron in place
  8. If you want to add a relaxing scent to the internal pillow then now is the time eg. a few drops of lavender essential oil (please be advised this is a personal decision). Now pop the pillow inside the outer cover, wiggling the rice to manoeuvre it in


Now relax...

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