Our Process - Greeting Card

Who would think so much goes into making a humble greeting card but A LOT of love and care goes into the creation of ours and we have been doing it for over 20 years! We print 95% of all the cards on our studio machines (read more here). It’s a labour of love process, but it allows us great flexibility with stock control, avoiding unnecessary waste.

Once printed the cards go off to our local finishing company to be cut and creased and then back to the studio for the finishing touches.


A selection of our cards have added foiling which is carried out on the studio foiling machine. A fiddly process but the gentle deboss and shimmery end result is worth it.

We work with a lovely bunch of out workers dotted around Norfolk to help finish and pack the cards, many of whom we have been working with for over 15 years! Armed with patches, charms and envelopes they diligently add the finishing touches to the cards ready to be sent out to stores and customers worldwide.

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