Our Top 3 Thrifty Christmas Table Styling Ideas - DIY Guide

Looking for easy Christmas table decor inspiration? Here are our three simple yet effective thrifty table styling ideas!

1. Foraging Hedgerows

If I’m out on a countryside walk, I always carry a pair of secateurs on me! This time of year, the hedgerows are particularly fruitful with bright berries weighing down the branches. A healthy little prune won’t deprive the birds I promise! This year's discovery is Dogwood, the bright red bare branches are great for hanging little decorations from. I have mixed these with some ivy to add a splash of greenery. Make sure to keep the vase topped up with water over the festivities.


2. Re-Loved Table Linen

There is no shortage of mis-matched table linen in charity shops that can be snapped up at a reasonable price and re-purposed. I have always been a fan of Dylon machine wash fabric dyes, so for this sourced pile of linen I used the peony pink dye. I particularly love the way the dye brings out embroidered details and enhances woven colours.


3. Quirky Christmas Dishes

I have collected China jelly moulds for a while, with the idea of one day making my own candles (need to explore the safety of that idea first!) While that idea is on hold, I am going to use them as our Christmas treat bowls, and for putting the bread source and cranberry jam in on Christmas Day.


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