Re-Purpose Christmas Gift Wrap For Boxing Day Hats - DIY Guide

Re-Purpose Christmas Gift Wrap For Boxing Day Hats - DIY Guide

Looking for some inspiration on how to re-purpose your Christmas wrapping paper? Here's a fun party hat tradition we LOVE in our household.

Paper Hat Competition

Thought up by my grandmother this has been a family tradition since my childhood. She would squirrel away all the wrapping paper and ribbons from Christmas Day and organise them into tidy equal piles.

Boxing day was always games day and it would kickstart with the paper hat competition! We would each have our pile of wrap with the addition of 4 dressmakers pins! The timer was set and we would frantically turn the recycled papers into a hat and parade our creations cat walk style around her living room. Fast forward the pins have been ditched and tape has been replaced... Still no scissors though.

Here are some slightly fuzzy photos of Christmas 2021 creations! 



Images: Petra Boase Gift Wrap & Adhesive Paper Tape

Boxing Day Game Ideas

My Mum has taken on the game master roll and she is a pro nad has the best prizes! From the ping pong ball challenge (set a starting line and aim the balls into an empty egg carton) to fishing paper fish (homemade bamboo pole fishing rod with a magnet tied to string and newspaper fish with a paper clip!) One of our all time favourites is the tray memory game; 20-30 random objects are popped on a tray and we have 1 minutes to memorise them, the tray is removed and we frantically write them all down in 1 minute .With all the games It’s all about the scoring so don’t forget to delegate a scorer to keep track! and if you are large gathering teams are always a good idea. Have fun!


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