Our Top Eco-Friendly Paper Christmas Decorations - DIY Guide

Experience the magic of a joyful colourful Christmas, with our vibrant collection of festive Paper Decorations. From cheerful Paper Balls, Paper Ball Wreath, delightful Fans and intricate Snowflakes, we have it all. Check out below some of our favourites.

1. Paper Ball Wreath

Our colourful paper ball wreath is a great way to add a dash of joy and colour this Christmas! The wreath and balls come separately so you can have fun putting it together before attaching the elastic and hanging it up on walls, doors and archways. Simply choose your own colours.

2. Multi Colour Paper Fan

Our newest addition - the Multi Colour Paper Fan decoration. Easy to hang up with the supplied thread, and can be re-used again and again. Our colour popping fan can be used for all year round festivities, parties and celebrations.

3. Paper Ball Decoration

Browse our huge range of colour popping paper ball decorations. Each ball colour is supplied flat, we recommend using a paper clip to close the ball so you can re use them year after year.

4. Snowflake Fans

If you're looking for something simpler, here are our Snowflake Fans. Super light and easy to assemble and hang, once the festivities are over they can simply be folded up and put away until the following year.

5. Paper Ball Garland

Looking for a bold statement garland this year? Look no further. Our Paper Ball Garland is assembled and folded flat in a calico bag. To assemble, just open out each ball and seal with the tape or paper clip provided. After use, you can flatten it and pop it back in the bag and reuse.

6. Set Of 5 Fans

Eco-friendly coloured Paper Snowflake Fan decorations. Easy to hang up with the supplied thread. Once the festivities are over they can be folded flat and put away until the following year. You will receive one of each colour, pink, peach, teal, turquoise & yellow!

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