How To Make Your Own Tissue Paper Christmas Tinsel - DIY Guide

Starting to look for the ultimate Christmas decor? We've put together a super easy, quick and affordable way of creating your own Tissue Paper Tinsel, featuring our luxury tissue paper.

What You'll Need:

Here are the bits and pieces you will need to make your own tissue paper Christmas tinsel.

  • 5 sheets tissue paper 70 x 50cm
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

Step By Step Guide:

Follow these easy steps to get started...


1. Open out the pile of tissue paper and cut into 4 equal piles: 12.5cm x 70cm


2. Fold each pile width ways and press down to make a crease. Open out and secure with a few staples along the crease.


3. Snip along the length approx 5mm away from the fold line, don’t worry about creating even snips these ones  are around 15mm wide. Repeat for each pile.
Join all the snipped lengths together with a staple.

4. Gently twist and pinch the length to form the tinsel effect and fluff it up when you get to the end.

    Use as garlands or wrap around a Christmas tree. 

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