Adult & Kids Christmas Thank You Letter Ideas - Gift Ideas

Looking to send a thoughtful thank you after the festivities? We've featured both of our writing paper kits and thank you notecards below...

Writing Paper Kits

After all the unwrapping, come the Big Thank you’s and I hope we have made it fun for the younger ones with our writing paper packs. From ice creams to sharks there’s a design for everyone. The eyeball stickers make decorating the envelopes extra fun (we sell rolls of eyeball stickers too!)  and my youngest always looses herself in doodling the envelopes with sharpies.  


Image: Petra Boase Writing Paper Set - Clouds & Stars & Roll Of Eyeball Stickers

Thank You Notecards

I hope a thank you notecard over a text will always win! Our packs of 12 notecards are perfect for a friendly thank you and are always appreciated by the recipient.

Image: Petra Boase A6 Thank You Cards - Mixed Pack

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