4 Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas - DIY Guide

When Christmas presents get opened in a flash it always seems crazy the time and care spent wrapping them, but I think you will all agree, that’s the fun part; selecting ribbons paper, tape and tags is a simple pleasure. 

If you’re looking for some gift inspiration for this year’s wrapping, we’ve put together a few of our easy wrapping ideas:

1. Stamp It

There are a lot of fabulous pattern stamps on the market, but I’m just using a selection of rubbers to make some marks on brown gift paper. The pencil rubber polka dots are especially pleasing to stamp, and a really easy way of making your gift wrap unique!


Image: Petra Boase Yellow Star Adhesive Paper Tape & Cotton Herringbone Ribbon

2. Paper Bag Bow

Click to download the bow template here. I have used a stripe paper bag but you could use any light weight pattern papers. For the full stripy effect the paper bag tinsel also looks great as an alternative to ribbon.



Here are the steps on how to make a paper bag bow:

  1. Cut out the template and trace around it on a thin piece of card
  2. Cover both sides of the card with your chosen paper
  3. Fold the main bow so the tabs over lap, position the back of the bow and staple in place
  4. Attach a small band of the paper around the middle and stock on to your wrapped gift with double sided tape

3. Paper Tape

The arrival of our patterned paper tapes have been a huge hit this year, and we've also been putting it to use with all of our in house packing. To add a pop of colour to your gift wrap, you can shop our paper tape here.


Image: Petra Boase Tape

4. Printed Sacks

Another way to wrap up Christmas gifts to family and friends is to use a sack. Our wonderful printed calico sacks can be used for's Santa gifts, or perfect for bundling gifts together. You can also re-use the sacks afterwards as storage bags.


Image: Petra Boase Printed Calico Sacks

P.s. Don’t forget to save all of your wrapping paper and trimmings for making crazy party hats! 

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