Foraged Spring & Feather bird Clips

With everything that is going on thank goodness for spring! 

I love the changing landscape, hedgerows and all that each season brings but Spring has to be my favourite. It’s a wonderful time for foraging and this week (on my permitted walk) with my trusty secateurs in hand I found solace in clipping branches of cherry and apple blossom, flowering blackcurrant and dainty young beach branches. I love the informality of putting these together in an oversized vase and enjoying the sweet smells and the burst and fall of the new blossom over the coming days. A gentle comfort in this unsettling time… I think our feather bird clips look pretty happy too!

Feather Bird Clips

We have sold these dinky bird clips for a number of years now and they always manage to bring a touch of cheer whatever the season. 


Feather Bird Clips

For a louder display paint up some branches with white emulsion, which acts as a primer and once dry, paint on your chosen colour (you might need a few coats depending on the shade).

Feather Bird Clips

For the cake I wrapped cling film around the base of the twig before inserting it in and then added on the birds.

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