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How To Make Your Own Paper Christmas Crackers - DIY Guide

Save your toilet rolls! Fill a simple homemade cracker with personalised gifts, silly jokes, poems, dares or whatever takes your fancy! I’m looking forward to sourcing and seeing what mini gifts I can squeeze into a toilet roll for my family this year.


Image: Petra Boase All Iron On Patches & Iron On Patch - Eyes

I have embellished these handmade crackers with our iron on patches that can be removed after, and popped onto a denim jacket. Our colourful paper balloons also fold up a treat, and are a great surprise to have inside a Christmas cracker.


Image: Petra Boase All Paper Balloons & Japanese Paper Balloon - Tiger

What You'll Need:

Here are the bits and pieces you will need to make your own paper bag Christmas crackers.

  • Paper bag 22 x 17cm
  • 2 x toilet rolls 
  • Crepe paper 
  • Glue stick  
  • Glue gun (or double sided tape) 
  • Cracker fillers

Step By Step Guide:

Follow these easy steps to get started...



  1. Trim off the top flap of the bag and cut along one side and the base edge. Open it out flat. Cut 2 strips of crepe paper approx 3cm wide and the width of the bag. Cut a zig zag pattern along one edge and then simply glue in place
  2. Cut one toilet roll in half. Position all the rolls in place with a glue gun or double sided tape
  3. Fill the central toilet roll with a cracker snap, hat, joke and your little surprise gifts. I glued the cracker snap to the inside of the central toilet roll
  4. Apply glue to the reverse side edge of the cracker paper and tightly roll it around the toilet rolls and smooth down. Use a piece of ribbon to help gather up the paper between the joins. You could always leave the ribbon in place and tie a bow


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